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Follow along as we start over with Barley, get back to its roots, and make it dead simple for the average person or small business to have and edit a beautiful, responsive web site.

Preloaded Media Libraries

Each Barley site template has areas that can be edited by switching an image or changing a logo or avatar. Sometimes, though, our customers do not have their own images and if they do they aren’t sized just right for the areas that they can edit.

Today we’re taking the first step in a series of steps towards solving that issue with preloaded media libraries that come with each of our official site templates.


Standardizing Templates Pt. 2

In a previous post, we mapped out our vision for better-controlling Barley templates. One of the great benefits of this control is the opportunity to streamline our workflow for creating and maintaining templates. We have been playing with a system recently that allows us to lean on a framework, while adding our own UI styles and elements. It looks something like this…


Happy Hour 2: Useful Things

We didn’t have a Happy Hour on Friday because I had the day off. Kyle filled in nicely by writing up the icons we use in Barley. So, today, here are a few things we’ve found around the web over the last few days that we’ve found useful. Perhaps you will too.

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