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25 November 2015

  • New: Add a paragraph of text after images, horizontal rules, videos.

12 August 2015

  • New: Delete post and page drafts from the Drafts window. Saves 2 clicks!
  • Fix: Various small improvements with Drafts window.

6 August 2015

  • Fix: When replacing an image, and canceling, the spinner now disappears.
  • When replacing an image from an image in the Media Library the Media Manager will now automatically close
  • Several small improvements

5 August 2015

  • New: Now search term variables can be added to any page. Example.

1 August 2015

  • Update: Search forms and results can be added to any template using just HTML.

31 July 2015

  • Fix: Fixed an issue with submission forms for logged out viewers.

21 July 2015

  • Fix: Fixed an issue where some users may have seen an error when creating a new post.

16 July 2015

  • Fix: A few bugs in the media library modal were fixed.

15 July 2015

23 June 2015

  • Fix: Removed remaining links to old support page. Thanks Jim! If you need support, please send us an email.
  • New: Default content in editable areas will now disappear when focused and reappear when empty. More in our daily note. (only works in Juniper & Cypress currently)

19 June 2015

  • Fix: Uploading two images of the exact same filename on the same day no longer results in duplicate files in the Media Library
  • Fix: Removed “Combo feed” from RSS feed titles.
  • Fix: A site’s description is now used for Open Graph tags; og:description on the home page of each site.
  • Fix: The Editor now stays hidden for all keyboard shortcuts except adding links

18 June 2015

  • New: Pasting into advanced editing areas now retains some formatting. Yay!
  • Small speed improvements.

12 June 2015

  • Fix: Editor stays hidden when performing most keyboard shortcuts

11 June 2015

  • Fix: Activate Site button wasn’t working in Account Manager.

10 June 2015

  • Massively improved Barley codebase
    • No extra code loads for non-Authors resulting in dramatically faster page load times
    • All front-end code (JS, CSS) for Authors is now minified
    • Removed a few thousand lines of extra, unused code
  • Various performance tweaks and bug fixes.

25 May 2015

  • New: All new Site-bar for authors
  • Speed: Speed improvements for page load times

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