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With our gorgeous, responsive, pre-designed templates, Barley Websites allows anyone to set up a site in minutes, without writing any code. Also, it's perfect for web professionals who want to give customers revolutionary content editing on their own custom-built templates.
Our full web platform and our pre-designed templates allows anyone to set up a site in minutes, without writing any code.
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Unlimited Pages

Create and publish as many pages, posts, galleries, contact forms, menus and albums as you need.

Direct Editing

Change content directly on the page. No fumbling around with an admin panel or form. Just click and type. Your edits automatically save as you go.

Unlimited Storage

Freely add media like images and video to your site. There’s no limit on the amount of space you can use.

350k page views/mo.

If you see a spike in popularity and go over – congrats and no worries. If you get 1M views in a month, we may need to adjust your plan.

Sync from Dropbox

Your template files can be stored in your Dropbox folder on your machine. Simply edit them and sync to update your files on Barley Websites.

Use Social Photos

Access photos from your Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox accounts and display them on your site.

Manage Multiple Sites

Maintain more than one site with the same account. Keep track of clients’ sites and test all your accounts from one spot.

Unlimited Trial

Try things out and see what you think. Pay only when you are ready to activate the site and make it “live.”

Simple Content Management

Barley Websites allows users to stick to what they do best while giving them the ability to keep their website updated and current.

Adding or changing content is as simple as clicking and typing. The Barley editor lets users edit elements directly on the page in real time. This revolutionary interaction removes the need to compose content in a separate admin area and reduces the learning curve significantly. Anyone who has ever written an email, used a word processor or even posted a status to Facebook can easily use Barley Websites to edit their content – without any coding experience.
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Flexible Templating System

Designers and developers can use Barley Websites to keep their design intact while letting clients edit content easily.

Templates for Barley Websites are made with basic HTML, not intricate PHP loops or similar server-side languages. Choose what elements a user can edit by simply adding a data-attribute to the tag. Specify how a user can edit an element with our editor contexts. Give your users and clients as much or as little control as you decide. Create dynamic pages and custom content types to give users the power to add beautiful pages, blog posts, photo galleries, and more.
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