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Barley is Now Open to All; 30-day Free Trial, New Features, New Templates, New Documentation, and More!

by Colin Devroe 7 August 2013

Update: We now no longer have a duration on our free trial. You can create as many sites as you'd like, work on them as long as you need to, and make them public when you're ready.

First, a brand new video just for all of you geeky developers like us out there that are looking for a new, simple to use content editor and platform to use for your customers.

30-Day Free Trial

Switching to a new content editor and platform isn't easy. It takes a bit of time to get used to, to learn the ropes, to get comfortable. Each new site subscription comes with a free, full-featured 30-day trial so that you can get your customer's sites up-to-speed, show them Barley, and push the site live.

Pages & Content Types

Barley is more flexible than ever. As a template author you can choose to allow your customers to add Pages to their sites, reorder their navigation items however they want, and even customize the Barley menu so that they can add new blog posts, podcast episodes, music tracks, photo albums, events, and more.

New Documentation

Our developer documentation is all-new and much more complete. Read our documentation to learn how the editor works, how to add a blog, how to add pages, and how to add as many content types as you need to your customer's sites.

Two new templates

Need help getting started with a template? We now have four fully-responsive Barley templates that are open source for you to use for your customers or to learn from. Check out Sequoia (source code), Red Oak (source code), Cypress (source code), and Juniper (source code) on GitHub and get started.

We're really happy with how Barley is coming out. We're pushing updates nearly every single day. We hope you take a few moments to hop on, check it out, and send us feedback to keep getting better and better.

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