Drag Drop

15 June 2015

One of the new features that I’m working on allows an author to drag and drop a piece of media (right now, just images but later on other things) onto pages or posts and have them upload and embed in the page in one action.

When we first released Barley, uploading an image required several clicks. If memory serves; (4) hover, click, click, click. When we rebuilt our media uploading experience we made it much better by A) uploading directly to the cloud, B) providing a library of previous uploads and, C) allowing a user to drag and drop their photos onto the media library to upload. However, this still required the same number of clicks to pull off (one less if you dragged and dropped).

For a while now we’ve thought that any “advanced editing context”, which in the Barley world is made up of any area on the page that allows most, if not all, HTML elements, should allow drag and drop media uploading.

So in a private build, which we plan to publish in the near future, an author can still choose to open the media library, choose and/or upload a photo to embed — or, they can simply drag an image from their computer right onto the page and the image will simply appear right on the page.

We’re looking forward to getting this release out the door and showing it to you in future posts.

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