A Slightly Better Paste

17 June 2015

Copying and pasting content into Barley has been a bit of work for our customers. We’re hoping that with several iterative updates we’ll be able to improve the pasting experience enough to make it far less work — without sacrificing the look and feel of their web sites.

Here is how it has worked to-date (GIF):

Historically we’ve removed all formatting from any content pasted into Barley purely because what you get from browsers, applications, and web sites is somewhat difficult to parse and make “look good”. You might get styles that you wouldn’t want or HTML code that is messy etc. So we’ve simply left it all out.

With our first update to pasting, which we plan on releasing before the week is out, we will still remove most of the cruft from the content but try to retain much of the overall text formatting. This should make it a lot easier for our customers.

Here is now the new pasting will work (GIF):

At the very least the paragraphs and line-breaks that were in the original source content will be retained and the overall look, style, and feel of the content based on the chosen Barley template will remain intact.

We look forward to near future iterations on this process to help retain more formatting. But we’re treading lightly and erring on the side of less is more.

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