Happy Hour 1: Walking

19 June 2015

Ever have a mid-afternoon slump? Perhaps an hour or so after lunch and you feel like you’re just sort of staring at your screen, not really getting anything done.

We have too. Recently, however, we’ve taken to the streets and gone for a 2-mile, or so, afternoon walk. We chit-chat, shoot photos, walk into different neighborhoods in Scranton seeing things we’ve never seen — and all while we’re getting a bit of exercise, we clear our heads, and are ready to get back to work when we return.

Personally I’ve been tracking my steps using Pedometer++ from _David Smith (more on my blog about this). This app, like the Apple Watch, seems to incite to getting up and getting moving. It has been a nice change of pace and has resulted in losing a few pounds.

A few photos from our walks

All photos were processed using Barley.

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