Improving Default Content

22 June 2015

Every click we remove for an author is a huge, huge win for us. With our latest build of Barley, which we hope to release as early as tomorrow, we’ve removed a fair amount of confusion and clicks around a very important thing; writing.

Each template contains “default content” in any editable area. It is expected that the site author would remove this content and fill it in with their own content. Some of this default content is seen over and over and over since it is part of a content type like blog posts.

When an author creates a new blog post, or any other content type, they have to click on the title of the post, select all of the text, and delete it before they can start typing. Then they have to do the same for the body of their post. To top it off, we’ve traditionally included a fair bit of “documentation” within the default content to help the user along. Juniper, as an example, contains 3 paragraphs of instructions on how to publish and/or delete a post. Yuck!

Here is what default content and writing looks like in the current build of Barley:

You can plainly see that, even with some quick fingers on the keyboard shortcuts, this process is both confusing and takes multiple clicks to get.

Here is what we’ll be releasing soon.

Notice the differences? Unlike the current build of Barley the default content in the editable field disappears immediately when focused. However, should the user decide not to type in anything the default content reappears. This way they can come back to it later. The default content has also been dramatically reduced since the new Site Bar is so much easier to use.

With this update we’ll be removing a lot of clicking and dragging or keyboard shortcutting to just simply get down to writing. We love making these small improvements.

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