Why we missed yesterday

25 June 2015

Have you ever been working on something and completely lose track of time? This issue isn’t limited to programmers or designers or even creatives — anyone that is passionate about what they do knows how easy it can be to forget to do anything else (even eat).

Yesterday we were working on a new feature for Barley that we think will help a lot of our customers that need images for their sites but may not have any to use. Let’s say a template has an area for a background image but a small business owner doesn’t have any of their own, doesn’t know how to take professional shots, and doesn’t have time to search for one to license for use on their site. In an upcoming update we will provide several placeholder images for our customers in areas that they can use them… licensed, perfectly sized, edited, and ready to use with just a few clicks.

We’re pretty excited about this feature. So excited that we forgot to publish a daily note yesterday. Whoops.

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