Happy Hour 2: Useful Things

29 June 2015

We didn’t have a Happy Hour on Friday because I had the day off. Kyle filled in nicely by writing up the icons we use in Barley. So, today, here are a few things we’ve found around the web over the last few days that we’ve found useful. Perhaps you will too.

Visual Studio Code

I switched to using Visual Studio Code the day of the Microsoft Build Keynote back in April and I haven’t regretted it. They are updating it regularly and communicating with the community really, really well while they do it.


“A New SoundCloud App for Mac”. If you’ve ever been mystified by which Safari or Chrome tab currently has Soundcloud audio coming from it — here is an app that can help you. All for a cool $5.

Filler Podcast

Our friend Dan Rubin was recently interviewed on Filler — a podcast for creatives. We enjoyed that interview and perhaps you will too.


Speaking of podcasts; there seems to be a dozen good podcasts every week. There is no way to subscribe to them all and be able to keep up. But what if you could cherry-pick episodes to listen to from any podcast you’d like? Or, to grab snippets of audio from all over the web and create a single podcast for yourself to subscribe to? Well, that is what HuffDuffer does. It makes your audio-listening life much easier to manage.


“For those little reminders”. Want to remember to get the water off the stove in 5 minutes or pick up the kids from soccer in an hour? This is what Gestimer is built for.

A Free DuckDuckGo Tshirt

Do you use DuckDuckGo? You’re smart. So we know you do. Well, you can get a free tshirt from them so you can show your love.


Warning: nerdy. You know those few moments after you type in a web address and hit enter on your keyboard — the moments before a site begins to load. In those moments your computer’s browser is doing a DNS look up to find the right address to load the web site from. Not all DNS services are created equal. Some are faster than others from different locales on the planet. But, you can change the DNS service your computer searches with and, perhaps, dramatically reduce the moments between hitting enter and loading the site. Namebench helps you do that.

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