Preloaded Media Libraries

16 July 2015

Each Barley site template has areas that can be edited by switching an image or changing a logo or avatar. Sometimes, though, our customers do not have their own images and if they do they aren’t sized just right for the areas that they can edit.

Today we’re taking the first step in a series of steps towards solving that issue with preloaded media libraries that come with each of our official site templates.

So now, in addition to your own Media Library of files that you’ve uploaded to your site, some users will now see additional folders with images that they can use (see the red asterisk). These folders will be labeled for the areas that they can be used — but our customers may use them however they’d like.

The above image is just an example, however, it shows how header images can be provided with a template that are sized perfectly for the header area of a site template. This way our customers do not need to use their own images or learn how to crop them just right.

We have more plans in the works to make setting up a brand-new site as easy as possible for even the most novice users. Preloaded media libraries is one big step towards that goal.

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